May 2015

AV Budgets are Not for Dummies, The Top Ten Ways to Maximize Your AV Budget
May 21, 2015

Brian Monahan
Prestige AV & Creative Services

Audio Visual has become a make or break function for meeting and event professionals. Stick your head in the sand and you might be in the unemployment line. Educate yourself and watch your career advance. Join Brian Monahan as he shares his insider’s secrets to maximize your AV budget and create event impact. Brian will share his best tips to get the best price from in-house or minimize fees related to utilizing an outside AV provider. Brian’s experience serving in the role of in-house AV provider and being hired directly as an outside provider gives him a unique perspective from both sides of   the AV coin. His unbiased expertise will provide you with tips, tricks and processes to ensure your next event will included the latest event technologies at a fair price.

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