Connecticut Convention Center

        "What makes RHMP special to me: the intimate size of the group is wonderful              because it is truly an open conversation. People speak freely with one another
          an the networking opportunities are endless." 

- Dori Laack, National Sales Manager


Detroit Metro CVB

        "Reston Herndon Meeting Planners is a great organization. It serves meeting                   planners in the Virginia suburbs, northwest of D.C., providing quality
         education and terrific networking opportunities nearby. For suppliers, RHMP             offers well qualified planner networking and education. The programs are                      intimate, of high caliber and are at a good time in the morning."

Tom Albrecht, Senior National Sales Manager



        "As a guest speaker for this organization and a supplier, I've enjoyed sharing                 my knowledge and experiences with meeting planners. And I've learned a                      great deal from them as well. This is a fantastic networking group in a very                     friendly, collegial setting, with no membership fee. You'll get to know people                 you might not get to meet at other industry gatherings. I enjoy connecting                      planners to other resources and professionals outside of my immediate realm." 

- Phil Rappoport, VP, Sales & Marketing

Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society

        "Over 15 years ago, Reston Herndon Meeting Planners (RHMP) started as
        brown-bag lunches in the conference rooms of Betty Ford, then with FCCLA,               and Linda DeFranco, then with the International Technology Education                        Association, in Reston. 

        Betty and Linda wanted to share ideas and challenges with fellow planners
        and going into DC for PCMA meetings wasn’t always an option. So RHMP
        was born as a solution for planners in the Reston area.

        I’ve had the privilege to be involved from the start and have watched it grow
        from bring-your-own lunch to sponsored breakfasts with great programs.
        RHMP has tackled everything from contract negotiations to dealing with
        stress. I’ve met terrific planners and suppliers whose wisdom has helped me
        grow professionally and personally. Best of all, it’s free thanks to the
        generosity of our supplier friends.

        If you are a “seasoned” professional, or new to the industry, I encourage you
    to get involved with RHMP to keep it vibrant and growing!"

Marguerite Leishman, Executive Director

M.A.R Association & Meeting Management

       "As an Independent Meeting Planner, the Reston Herndon Meeting Planners
       is a great place for business development but more importantly, the
       connections you make to the planning community is of tremendous value. I
       highly recommend anyone in the Metro DC area to get involved with the
       group and come see a program!"

Michael Romero, CEM,  Individual Consultant/Meeting Planner